Is Big Island safe to travel to with recent volcano activities?

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With all the media and news talking about Big Island Hawaii volcano activities, you might be wondering if it is safe to go to Big Island.  The answer is YES.

The volcano is in the southeastern corner of the island.  Only the volcano area is affected by the volcano. The rest of the areas are safe and nice as usual. 

We encourage our travelers to take this opportunity to come to visit the Big Island and explore the beautiful beaches, and rain forests, and enjoy the paradise in the non-volcano area.

This is the photo I took from my backyard this morning in Kailua-Kona, with a beautiful beach, clear sky, and a cruise ship.   Adults and kids were hanging out at the beach enjoying mother nature's beauty

Here is an article written by Jeanne Cooper (Freelance travel writer) for San Francisco Chronicle 

Eruptions in Hawaii: What you need to know before traveling to the islands